Virtual Servers

A virtual server consists of the software of your choice, running on our hardware, with a customized set of resources (processor, memory, disk space, bandwidth) for you to use.  You have total control over the system, can have it connected to the Internet or your private network via a VPN, and benefit from our high-availability environment.

Our virtual servers run on multiple physical servers with redundant network connectivity to a large storage area network (SAN).  We use VMware vSphere to run and manage the workloads, with Dell servers, network switches, and storage for the hardware.  Aside from your usual remote access to the system via ssh or Remote Desktop, you'll also have KVM console via the web.

We can also help with consulting and managed services, so you can focus on your app, and leave the general administration and maintenance of the server to us.  Since there are so many combinations of server resources and more involved help that we can provide, we suggest you contact us so we can help you further.

And just like with our physical server colocation service, you'll benefit from our redundant Gigabit Ethernet links to the Internet, fiber to major telco networks for private line services, and a set of tools to make it easy to keep tabs on your server and applicaton's uptime, performance, and bandwidth usage.

Virtual Server features

  • Web-based console access to your virtual server
  • Mix virtual and physical servers on the same private network
  • Monitoring of both systems and services running on them, with email or SMS notification of trouble
  • Data backup service available
  • Gigabit Ethernet connectivity to multiple upstream ISPs
  • Verizon Telecom and Verizon Business fiber taking diverse paths into our building
  • Conditioned power with battery backup