T1 and Metro Ethernet

While DSL can provide basic high-speed Internet service for your business, if you need uptime backed by a service level agreement (SLA), or more than 768Kbps of upstream bandwidth, T1 or Metro Ethernet service is the answer.

T1 provides 1.5Mbps of symmetric bandwidth -- the same upload and download speed. While DSL throughput and outage repairs are handled by both CyberAnnex, AT&T, Level3, COX on a "best effort" basis, T1 service has guarantees for both full bandwidth and service availability. Multiple T1s can be combined to provide a single 3 or 6Mbps connection to the Internet. 

Metro Ethernet goes beyond T1 speeds, and provides Internet connectivity at 10, 25, 50, or 100Mbps. At any Ethernet speed, flat-rate and burstable billing are available.

T1/Metro Ethernet features

  • T1 service installed in 15 business days
  • Metro Ethernet service installed in 45 business days to on-net locations
  • IPv4 address assignments from /24 to /30, or use your own
  • IPv6 address assignments from /48, or use your own
  • Assistance with BGP setup, including AS number registration, and router configuration
  • DNS service for your domain(s)
  • Manage DNS and other services via our Control Panel web site
  • Easy to reach, California-based technical support, via phone and email

Fast repair times

T1 and Metro Ethernet services normally can be repaired by the phone company in a matter of hours, even on a holiday or weekend. Some DSL problems can take 24 to 48 business hours to be repaired, with no guarantees.

Service Level Agreement

In the unlikely event of an outage, our SLA ensures that any downtime due to CyberAnnex's network results in a credit to your account. We don't require you to remind us of an outage, or convince us that a credit is due -- your account is credited for your next billing cycle.

24x7x365 connection monitoring

T1 and Metro Ethernet services from CyberAnnex are checked by our network management system around the clock to ensure both that the circuit is up and that traffic can actually get across the connection. In the event of a problem, both you and CyberAnnex are notified instantly via text message with the details, and we begin work to bring your service back online.