Achieving Your Technology Goals

Information Technology is your company's nervous system.  Just as your business grows and evolves, the technology you rely on should be doing the same.  Improving IT is a good investment that can improve your productivity, make life easier, and still be easy on your wallet. 

Complete IT make-overs

From the desktop to the wiring closet and computer room, it's important to modernize how your business uses technology. This isn't just putting a new computer at every desk, but objectively looking at all of the pieces of the puzzle, starting with what you actually need to get work done in and out of the office. 

VOIP and IP Telephony

The days of multi-year phone service contracts, proprietary hardware with limited choices, and expensive service calls are over.  Our VOIP options are flexible, affordable, and based on open standards that won't paint you into a corner.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Is your important data backed up and kept in a secure location outside of your office?  Could your employees work from home with full access to their email, phone, and business applications?  A variety of technologies, including some very budget-friendly ones, can keep a disaster from knocking you down for the count.

Office moves and expansions, mergers

Whether you're moving to a new location, expanding your current office, or combining companies, we can help plan and implement the IT components for your move.  Everyone will hit the ground running on Monday morning.

Multi-site Networking and Secure Remote Access

With diverse Internet access, private line service, and VPN technologies, we can help you securely and reliably connect your multiple offices, employees out of the office, and business partners together.