CyberAnnex IT Services

The CyberAnnex IT Makeover

Are you hiring more employees?  Perhaps moving to a new office?  Maybe you're staying put, but you've realized your IT setup just isn't a good fit anymore. 

Here's an opportunity to look at the big picture when it comes to your company's use of technology.  Is your server running a 10 year old operating system like Windows Server 2003?  Are you paying for extra phone service you don't need, or stuck with a proprietary phone system's expensive hardware and support contracts?  If your office burned down or a burglar walked out with your server and desktops, would you still have all of your data as you left it a few hours ago?

Bringing your servers, workstations, mobile devices, voice service and office phone system into 2014 is easier than you think.  CyberAnnex will help you reduce your long-term costs, keep your data safe but still easily accessible, and help you and your employees work more efficiently.

Our approach starts with a consultation to consider your unique needs.  Then we provide services to power your complete IT infrastructure for one organized, sensible, and predictable monthly fee.

How we can help

  • Be your IT department, or assist your existing IT staff
  • Make sure your server(s) and business applications stay online
  • Lower costs, improve productivity and flexibility with an IP-based phone system
  • Enable secure remote access to your company network
  • Ensure your data is backed up, and can actually get restored
  • Plan an office move or expansion so you don't have downtime